Ivory Leads the Way

In 1987, we registered the trademark Utah’s Number One Homebuilder as a challenge to everyone in our company to be the very best.

Clark Ivory

At first, we focused on improving our designs and adding quality locations. We then moved to improving customer service. We weren’t happy with what we found so we changed many of our personnel and made huge improvements to be more accountable to our customers. Within only four years, we went from 74% customer satisfaction to 91%. We have now gone more than a decade averaging over 92% in customer approval.

Building the most homes in Utah this past year isn’t the reason we call ourselves Utah’s Number One Homebuilder. We are number one because year after year we assess our weaknesses and do everything we can to get better. The process of striving for continual improvement has led to consistent results. According to the Construction Monitor, an independent tracker of building permits in Utah and many other states, Ivory Homes has been Utah’s largest home builder every year since 1990. Since the Construction Monitor began keeping record, Ivory Homes has started 10,415 new homes. The next closest competitor is at 4,747.